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Feels Good to Feel Good

Sir Vincent of Fogg

drums, percussion & voice

Hailing from the infamous ‘Thames delta’, below sea level, Canvey Island, Vinny has lived in the Lowestoft area now for some twenty years. A late starter on playing the drums in his mid twenties, Vinny’s certainly made up for it and is now gaining recognition and respect as one of the most creative original percussionists in the area through playing with Banjaxeld.

One of the three original founder members of Banjaxeld, Vinny had previously played in a band for almost six years, having beat the skins in a variety of bands from Punk rock to Ska and folk-dubstep. As well as playing in the folk-rock band with Sack for two and half years, Vinny and Sack also formed a 3 piece old style blues covers band at the end of 2011. So the path to Banjaxeld was firmly laid almost a year in advance.

Probably the major influence on Vinny’s playing was drummer Martyn McCarthy of ‘Monkeyspanner’, and is probably responsible for him starting in the first place. As a youth Vinny listened mostly to Soul, Blues, and of course local Rhythm & Blues bands such as Dr Feelgood. Now, with an ever expanding taste for ‘eclectic music’, from classic Zappa, Small Faces, Hawkwind, Gong, Alex Harvey and the like, through Reggae, ska, punk and jazz, to the modern sounds of bands like Syd Arthur, The Destroyers, and the Legendary Shack Shakers.