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Feels Good to Feel Good


bass & acoustic guitar

Sack (Mark Mace) is originally from Leicester. He started playing bass at 15, self taught, left school, formed a Heavy Metal band but moved on after couple of years to co-form an experimental rock band ‘White Island’ which played the last ever free Glastonbury Festival in 1978. A year and some majour chages to the line up Sack plaid Guitar in the band, but a couple more years saw the end of the band. After a further year working as a blues duo, and a live session player, Sack’s personal life took over and by 1983 his musical career had gone into a prolonged hibernation.

Some 25 years (and a whole lot of livin’) later, Sack moved to Suffolk and he soon found himself playing bass in a ‘Who’ tribute band. In 2009 he finally made the transition to full time musician and joined a local folk-rock band with whom he made a return visit to Glastonbury in 2011. In late 2012 Sack was looking to be more musically creative and left to become one of the original founding three members of Banjaxeld, and has been blamed for coming up with the name! He also plays acoustic guitar occasionally, and is responsible for the often avant-garde re-mixes of Banjaxeld tracks under the pseudonym ‘Mystik MIM’.

Sack has an experimental and musically inquisitive soul, his influences range from; old blues, such as Bo Carter, Howlin’ Wolf, and Leadbelly, through 60s & early 70s Rock, Folk Rock, Jazz rock, Reggae and Space rock. All of the early Gong, Can, Neu, Krautrock bands, and the British Canterbury scene, had a big impact, as did almost anything with an experimental edge, a bit of attitude, spacey instrumental & synthesiser, and later the more commercialised sounds of bands like New Order, The Orb, Eels, Nintin Sawhney. And Zero 7.