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Feels Good to Feel Good

Album Review

Reviewed By: Millie Manders. 25 June 2014

I am lucky enough to have seen Banjaxeld several times live and I am pleased to say they have captured their sound with aplomb on their début offering to the world.

Feels Good To Feel Good is a musical journey of life experiences and party pieces. The sound is crisp and clean, well thought out and clearly painstakingly and meticulously produced. Banjaxeld are obviously perfectionists when it comes to putting out a record.

Jeff's vocals are deep and resonant, no pretentious American accent regardless of the clearly US-influence sound of the songs.

Electric and acoustic guitars have been used in equal measure throughout this record lending a bright quality. The solos are beautifully executed and the bass is not overbearing or over complex. I could probably talk about the production for the rest of the review. It really is well done and in need of applause.

Banjaxeld are influenced by American Blues, Blues-Rock and funk.  It's a very old school sound, which actually makes this a fairly unique thing: there aren't many new bands replicating this sound and Banjaxeld are doing it well.

If you like Dr John, Muddy Waters, Walter Trout and Lynyrd Skynyrd, chances are you will like Banjaxeld. Well worth a listen and a purchase!

Posted by The Punk Archive

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